Frequently asked questions

What makes the Phytonics coatings so unique?

Phytonics´coatings rely on a dual-scale surface texture evolved by plants to harvest sunlight under various illumination conditions while benefiting from self-cleaning. This is superior compared to traditional coatings.

What is the long-term performance of Phytonics coatings?

According to our tests the longterm performance is in line with the general performance of modern cells. Certification is on its way.

How are Phytonics coatings applied onto PV modules?

Phytonics coatings are self-standing polymeric foils that are laminated onto the glass cover layer under standard temperature and pressure conditions in the production process.

What about retrofitting PV modules with Phytonics coatings?

While our prime focus is to equip new PV modules with our coatings, we are interested to explore retrofitting with you. Should you have an interest in retrofitting, please contact us and let us know about your needs and requirements.